Honda F1 Hospitality Designed and Built by Renegade PROVIP Ltd

AllSigns were approached by UK based coach builders Renegade PROVIP Ltd in late 2017 to design and create a livery scheme that would be applied across Honda F1’s hospitality fleet including two bespokely built high rise units and two support trailers. The units will be used for all European F1 events throughout the 2018 race season.

The complex project involved our creative team designing and producing all the branding elements that would then be applied externally throughout the fleet of units. Applications for the project included UV cured digital print, etched manifestation for all internal doors and mirrored UV tinting film applied externally to all the hospitality windows including the large panoramic curved glass fronts. a

Throughout the project the livery has been designed not to compromise on quality and give the F1 level of service expected by the customer. We have worked closely with Renegade PROVIP to ensure they get exactly what they want and to a standard that matched the proposal and agreed design brief.

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